Terms & Agreement

Important – More terms are described in the terms and agreement that you will sign upon reservation.

Customer must be present at the time of delivery. Client must be a minimum 21 years of age to rent and sign rental contract. If you are not present within 30 minutes of the agreed upon delivery time, you reservation may be cancelled and you may be charged the full amount of the rental rate. Client may call our office on the day of delivery for an “estimated” time of delivery. Estimated delivery times are “not guaranteed” and can change. We will always try to deliver your inflatable unit before your party is schedule to start.

Customer must sign the ‚ÄúRental Agreement” before or upon delivery before the inflatable unit can be setup. The driver will not set up the unit if customer refuses to sign. Schedule rental rates begin when the inflatable unit is set up and continue until picked up, whether equipment is used or not. Equipment responsibility remains with the customer when rental rates begin. Rentals rates are charges based on a four/five hour rental time. Rentals less than four hours would still be charged for four hours as the minimum.

The inflatable unit can be only set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, dirt, or any other surface that is relatively flat. Customer is responsible for electrical and water requirements. Customer must ensure delivery path from truck drop-off to set-up point. A standard walk through gate is fine. If a person can walk through, the inflatable unit will be able to go through as well. Customer ensures set-up area is dry and clean. Please confirm watering system is operable and set-up area is not wet/soggy. Wet/soggy areas will cause set-up to be cancelled at customer’s full rental price. Slightly sloped driveways are ok. A walk through will be performed by the driver to ensure the setup side meets the requirements.

There must be at least 2 feet of extra space around the perimeter of the inflatable unit. The entrance side of the inflatable unit should be facing an open area. We don’t encourage setups near swimming pools. Adult supervision must be present at all times.

All rentals are final.

Click Here to View the Brinson Entertainment Rental Agreement and Release